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Your Neston Primary and Secondary ITT Partnership training is bespoke, personalised and provides many opportunities to work alongside experienced high quality mentors.

All of your year long programme will be delivered in partnership with the University of Chester. The vast majority of the training is school based, in one of our Neston schools, gaining first hand experiences of how children learn.

In addition to this, the course includes Academic Learning based at the university, which equates to 60 M level credits towards a Masters degree.

Expertise amongst our Neston cluster of schools will be utilised to deliver high quality training in the Core and Foundation Curriculum and Professional Development.

Your Neston School Direct ITT programme will provide you with QTS status, allowing you teach either Primary or Secondary school children, depending on your chosen route.

“A school based route to teacher training is a great way to experience school life and culture before you qualify. The instant feedback and experience gained working with a mentor every day is invaluable.”

“School based training is the perfect preparation for entering the teaching profession as it enables you to become fully immersed within a school community. The opportunity to work alongside experienced professionals over the course of an academic year not only provides an invaluable insight into the responsibilities and demands of a class teacher, but also allows you to enjoy the rich rewards evident from working in a vibrant classroom environment. Vitally, the supportive structure of school based training can be tailored to each individual, meaning that whilst experience or skills are developing, areas of strength or specific expertise can progress and be celebrated.”

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